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History in the Making at SPORTELAmerica 2017

16 March 2017

2017 kicked off with another historic SPORTEL convention. To the date, two decades ago SPORTEL introduced the first ever spring convention in Miami and 20 years later has returned as SPORTELAmerica.

The SPORTEL Spring Conventions are designed to close the gaps between continents and are established as profitable additions to the calendars of the international sports marketing and media industry. More and more join here and decide on the future of brand communication and sports broadcasting.

We have seen the industry grow together with SPORTEL and it is great to experience that so many make it a point to attend SPORTELAmerica this year. Once more SPORTELAmerica has gained on participation with final figures showing 636 overall attendees of 331 companies. Most importantly, an increase to 47 nations and the increase of 20% new companies… New companies mean new business opportunities for the industry!

In addition to the 20th anniversary the SPORTEL organisation yes again had an historic announcement, when Mr. Laurent Puons (CEO SPortel) introduced the new SPORTEL SUMMIT.

"The industry needs a new platform for communication and exchange on an extremely high level" he states. The SPORTEL SUMMIT is the event for an exclusive selection of industry decision makers to meet face to face and discuss international industry issues like never before. Behind closed doors the industry can now speak freely and solve cross continental aspects, gain more understanding and build more business on a higher level and for the future of sports and media.

The first summit will be held in May 2018 as "SPORTELAmerica SUMMIT" in Miami Beach. To find out more visit the website

SPORTELAmerica 2017 was a sensation and we look forward to welcome you all back for SPORTELMonaco 2017 from October 23 to 26, 2017. Sign up for updates at SPORTELMonaco website

SPORTEL Announces New Decision Makers Summit

15 March 2017

The historic SPORTEL convention looks at close to 30 years of providing the most influential business meeting for the international sports marketing and broadcasting industry. With the headquarters in the Principality of Monaco, this unique annual meeting managed to unite the elite and still the world makes the effort to be at SPORTEL conventions every year. Exactly 20 years ago a new convention was born into the SPORTEL world, the spring convention SPORTELAmerica and soon after SPORTELAsia. The industry was in need of a meeting that was more territorial. The organization reacted, delivered and now 20 years later the SPORTEL Spring Conventions are an absolute necessity for the industry, building a bridge to better connect and build a future for sports.

With time comes change and the industry has seen new sports, federations and technologies that influence the industry. These influences and changes are often confusing and unsettling, as the speed of developments in the 21st century is hard to keep up with. Especially with building business and a future for sports, it's governing bodies and it's events. In respect to these fast developments and the need to deal with the business essentials, the industry is once again in need of a platform to concentrate all aspects, take a step back to actually deal with industry issues.

Once again SPORTEL delivers the solution with its new addition of the "SPORTELSummit"!

The SUMMIT is an unprecedented two-day meeting designed only for an exclusive circle of international deciders of the sports marketing and media industry, which stands out in a world of conferences and will help shape the industry for tomorrow. True to the SPORTEL values it will showcase an illustrious selection of presenters and speakers and provide attendees a new understanding of current and future industry affairs. This summit will provide the luxury to really "Meet The Elite" in special networking sessions and build new business relations with real deciding partners.

Only at SPORTEL'S DECISION MAKERS SUMMIT you will have the privilege to witness industry leaders that stand out and shape the industry. Celebrities, Influencers, Federation Presidents and Politicians will present new projects and speak about their side of the business, which will later be elaborated in detailed discussion sessions. In its surroundings one will find the popular networking space with exclusive meeting spots to meet with other attendees at your level.

The very first Decision Maker's Summit will be the SPORTELAmerica SUMMIT in May 2018, welcoming the world leaders in it's American base Miami. The charm of business and Miami will complement the style and quality SPORTEL is famous for.

"SPORTELSummit - The Future Of Sports"

Request more information at contact[at]sportelsummit[dot]com or visit the SPORTELSummit website

The Rise of the E-Fan Survey

10 March 2017

Find out how a new generation of sports fans is connecting with the latest action and legacy content.

Download this exclusive survey to see how technology is changing the way we all consume sports video and redefining every aspect of fan engagement.
Brought to you by Imagen Ltd, the company behind the award-winning Imagen Enterprise Video Platform.


Fighting Spirit to sponsor the Delegates Lounge

21 February 2017

Fighting Spirit was founded in 2004 and since then it became the leading distributor of premium combat sports around the world. The company now offers more than 100 live events per year and 1000+ hours of taped action of MMA, Kickboxing, Wrestling, Boxing, Muay Thai and more!

Fighting Spirit’s catalogue includes highly popular and sought-after programs like Enfusion Live: World Championships of Kickboxing, M-1 Global MMA, AAA Wrestling and Super Fight League MMA amongst others.

Hard work, dedication and enthusiasm were all key factors that helped propel Fighting Spirit to the top of the combat sports distribution industry.

"After 10+ years in the sports business industry my drive to learn every day and help our clients and our team grow and develop has never been higher. Our catalogue now includes a wide variety of combat sports ranging from MMA to Kickboxing which can surely satisfy the needs of fans all around the world" Laurent Pourrut - CEO

SPORTELAmerica: a Hotbed of Opportunities for the Sports Media Industry

13 February 2017

SPORTELAmerica stands as the bridge between the global sports marketing and media industry, and the plethora of opportunities presented by Latin America, one of the fastest-growing regions, showcasing some of the most exciting sports leagues and contents in the world.

Home to millions of sports fans, and some of the world's most important leagues and tournaments, Latin America is a land of opportunity for the sports marketing and media industry. Hosted in Miami, SPORTELAmerica stands as a gateway to the region's key players and a must-attend event for the industry as a whole.

Held from March 14th to the 16th at the JW Marriot Marquis hotel in Miami, the event is the convention of the entire Americas, uniting the world with the North, Middle and South American sports marketing and media industry.

"Latin America is a massive market with great potential to either sell or buy rights," said Sales and Marketing Director, David Jones. "With over 626 million people and most with access to some kind of media, it is a market with enormous potential!"

MUCH MORE THAN SOCCER. Traditionally the main sport for Latin American fans, soccer still remains strong throughout the region. But Latin America is also opening its doors to other sports, creating new, more diverse opportunities for sports marketing and media.

"Mexico, for example, has a strong US sports focus; while Brazil is more traditionally oriented in soccer and fight sports," Jones explained. "While soccer still rules, sports such as athletics recently received more support, resulting in Olympic medals and a strong following from the people."

The experienced executive recalled a hype for extreme sports some 15 years ago, a trend that's recently been making a comeback, joined by other new leagues. "Now with extreme sports moving back into the limelight and becoming Olympic disciplines, and with the eSports' "revival", I personally hope to see more specialized channels appear again," he said.

"After all, these channels offer great new business opportunities, not only for brands, but also for more sports and more culture of different nations," he added. "With the technical advantages we all have today, we all have the opportunity to create platforms and reach more people than ever before. Latin America is a HUGE market with prosperous opportunities."

"Developments in Latin America show a growth in media and internet platforms offering new business with sports. More and more events are organized, more and more is broadcasted and streamed. Following these developments are new opportunities with marketing and betting," he explained.

"To me it's a no-brainer, Latin America is a massive business opportunity that nobody can afford to miss," he said.

A BRIDGE TO LATIN AMERICA. In this context, SPORTELAmerica aims to be a business event that helps the international sports industry develop new media platforms throughout the world. "SPORTEL is an event that supports sports, media, brands and governments to build influencing sports entertainment," Jones said.

To this end, the event welcomes international decision makers, representing sports networks, internet and social media, world federations, production and content right owners, as well as technology providers and marketing agencies.

And as business potential in Latin America continues to grow, the event is focusing on engaging more key players from the region. "Our goal is to attract more professionals from Latin America to join SPORTELAmerica and meet face to face with international business partners and to represent their countries and their sports with pride and build their sports outside Latin America and provide more diversity to their people."

Head to SPORTELAmerica's official website for the full agenda of activities and all the information about the event.


Visitors tips

17 January 2017


SPORTEL visitors can take advantage of the wide variety of marketing opportunities to visually better communicate a brand!
SPORTEL offers you a selection of print and digital advertisement and a range of profitable banners promoting your business in the venues and within the industry.
Nobody can miss venue banners, adverts online or in the Official Guide! The marketing opportunities are great tools that will give your business a lasting visibility, even after the Convention.


Contact us for detailed information on the marketing opportunities for visitors at


29 November 2016

SPORTEL INFORMS: YOU ARE TARGETED by "Worldwide Exhibition Directory Services" mailings, requesting SPORTEL participants, in particular exhibitors, to complete and return a form, to obtain a free listing in their directories!

These mailings confuse you into a contract to purchase advertising space! Clients who respond inadvertently find themselves threatened with legal action if they do not pay 1000€ or more per year for this unwanted advertising!

SPORTEL HAS NO RELATION with Expo Guide and/or Fair Guide and/or CRPT (Central Register for Patents and Trademarks publications), and has not authorised these publications to use SPORTEL's name or logo!

SPORTEL DOES NOT SUPPORT these business practices and urges you to be cautious when contacted by either of these companies.

As always, we remain available to provide you with any help that we can to support you through this transition.


All eyes on SPORTELAmerica 2017!

2 September 2016

Time has passed quickly since SPORTELAmerica welcomed you in Miami! Many of you have waited for this moment and it's finally here - SPORTELAmerica will open doors for you again from March 14 to 16 in 2017!

It's been important past two years for SPORTEL and its development. Thanks to you SPORTEL has grown in importance and size. SPORTELMonaco has doubled in exhibition space, SPORTELAsia was a sensation and SPORTELAmerica 2017 promises to be an explosion of new business opportunities!

The SPORTEL Crew has worked hard to develop more and new opportunities for you in the territories of the Americas. After recent events in Brazil, the world has become more aware of new sport opportunities and properties Latina America has to offer, but also the seemingly endless variety of sports out of the Americas makes this convention one of the sexiest of 2017!

SPORTELAmerica is the network platform for the entire Americas that unites the Asian, European with the North, Middle and South American sports marketing and media industry. The American sports market is one of the most versatile in the world, showcasing many of the most exciting sports leagues in the world but also groundbreaking technologies.

Once again SPORTELAmerica will be held in the JW Marriott Marquis Miami. It combines sophistication, design and technology into an inspiring surrounding for business and leisure.


More information on developments of SPORTELAmerica 2017 can be found on our website. Follow us on Twitter.

SPORTELAsia 2016: The Event of Opportunities

17 March 2016

As announced today by SPORTEL CEO Mr. Laurent Puons this edition of SPORTELAsia was a massive success. This year a total of 736 registered attendees, representing 371 companies of 47 countries have come together to do business in and with Asia.

"The result is overwhelming although expected. We within the SPORTEL organisation had high expectations for this convention, due to the developments in Asia since 2015. At SPORTELMonaco in 2015 we already noticed an increase in Asian participation, but also the increase of business opportunities for the industry. We understood the community's wishes and have acted accordingly to cater these and to ensure that the industry will find what the business opportunities. We are honoured by the positive feedback and are thankful for the trust and loyalty of the SPORTEL community".

Speaking in percentages SPORTELAsia 2016 had a 22% increase in new companies compared to the last Asian convention. Further we point out that about 40% of the attendees were "c-level" decision makers that came to do business! Mr. Laurent Puons further states, "The industry is changing and so has SPORTEL. It is not a sole rights market anymore, it is evolving to an all-round sports marketing and media convention that provides a wide variety of business opportunities and connections for the industry".

SPORTEL thanks the collaborators TVSM, SVG and SPORT SINGAPORE for their input and support organising relevant conferences. A very big "Thank You" to the sponsors LALIGA whom powered the SPORTELApp, the delegate's lounge sponsor ARQIVA and ONE Championship whom sponsored the business lounge and the Networking Breakfast and finally the FEI for their kind support of the Meet'n Greet party! Their trust in SPORTEL and desire to communicate their brands alongside SPORTEL is a great honour.

Please make sure to follow latest developments on SPORTELMonaco 2016 which will have many new surprises for you! We look forward to welcoming you soon at SPORTELMonaco 2016 from October 24 to 27, 2016!

Sport Celebrities at SPORTELAsia 2016

11 March 2016

SPORTEL is delighted to welcome three great sport Champions during its Asian Convention to be held from 15-17 March 2016:

- Christian Karembeu, World Football Champion, LigaBBVA Ambassador

- Fernando Sanz, Former Football Player, East Office Manager, Head of International Projects and first LaLiga Global Ambassador

- Shen Yanfei, Table Tennis Player Champion of Europe, Representant of LaLiga Champions of Spain.

Marketing trend and developments

21 January 2016

Excerpt of an interview with David Jones, Marketing & Sales agent of SPORTEL, on market trends and developments of the Asian sports marketing and media market.

- What is the latest trend in sports marketing in Asia?

DJ: Above all others, I would say everything around European Soccer Leagues.
Many of the super leagues, such as the Premier League, Bundesliga and the Spanish LaLiga have invested quite a lot to develop the Asian market for their products. Needless to say that soccer is hugely popular in Asia, so are the European leagues a very sought after property for the Asian media.
The organization of special events, matches and the integration of the sport by Asian broadcasters shall spike merchandise sales and sponsorship deals with new and local brands.

- What is the top emergent sport in Asia?

DJ: Again, European Soccer. This sport has a massive following globally and of course also in Asia. With more media packages available, but also special events and matches organized by the European super leagues, soccer is the number one growing sport in Asia for me.

- What are current developments of the Asian sports media market?

DJ: Since China has opened up their media politics, we see a clear rise of Asian based entities registering for SPORTEL convention.
Obviously SPORTEL is the one B2B business platform where the Asian marketing and media industry find the sports properties they need to build their necessary platforms. Latest statistics show that currently 37% of the registered entities are Asian based, ready to meet with the registered European and American elite of the industry.

Another Successful Edition

20 March 2015

This morning SPORTEL General Manager Ms. Amparo Di Fede, announced the official and final figures of SPORTELAmerica 2015. Thanks to all attendees, the Convention closed with an overall participation of 689 total attendees, of 355 companies representing 41 nations.

SPORTEL just completed it's 25th year of existence in 2014 and the first show of the year proved to be the "all important" event to start the next 25 years.

"We are enthusiastic about the result Ms. Di Fede continues and are thankful for the support of our community and the new entities that joined us to actively do business, but also to share their professional insight at the conferences during the show. For that, we must thank our organisation partners of TV Sports Markets, Sports Video Group and La Liga.
Finally we wish to thank all the convention sponsors and especially our Sponsorship partners MP & Silva and FEI. It is an honor that companies trust in the Convention and desire to communicate their brands alongside SPORTEL.

SPORTELMonaco 2015 is already in focus and welcomes the elite of the industry in our home base Monaco: From October 12 to 15, 2015

"East Meets West"

19 March 2015

Press release: Big names launch Longines FEI World CupTM Jumping North American League.

The brand new Longines FEI World CupTM Jumping North American League was launched in Miami (USA) today by three of the biggest names in the sport - Beezie Madden, the most decorated US female equestrian athlete of all time and currently the only woman in the top 10 of the Longines world rider rankings, American Gold Cup winner and FEI Solidarity Ambassador Jessica Springsteen, and Hannah Selleck, team and individual gold medallist at young rider level and one of the sport's up-and-coming stars.

Access to the Press Releases Page

Infront seals extensive broadcast agreement with ARD/ZDF for the 2019 and 2021 FIS Alpine and Nordic World Ski Championships

18 March 2015

Press Release: The early agreement secures broad free-TV coverage for the global flagship skiing events on a long-term basis.

Zug, Switzerland, 18 March 2015 - Infront Sports & Media, the leading international sports marketing company, has secured a comprehensive media rights agreement for the 2019 and 2021 FIS Alpine and Nordic World Ski Championships - providing television coverage across the crucial German ski market on ARD and ZDF.

Access to the Press Releases Page.

The SPORTELNews is out

17 March 2015

The SPORTELNews will provide you related information about SPORTELAmerica 2015 and many more.
Read the interview with Riccardo Silva, discover the MarketNews and programme details...


"East Meets West"

17 March 2015 - 11:45am

Press Release: Big names announce major new North American League at SportelAmerica, Miami.

Three of the biggest names in equestrian sport will be launching a major new North American League at SportelAmerica today.

Beezie Madden, the most decorated US female equestrian athlete of all time and currently the only woman in the top 10 of the Longines world rider rankings, will be joined by American Gold Cup winner and FEI Solidarity Ambassador Jessica Springsteen, and Hannah Selleck, team and individual gold medallist at young rider level and one of the sport's up-and-coming stars.

Join these equestrian superstars at the press conference today: 17 March, 14.15-15.15 in Junior Ballroom B&C, 5th floor.

Followed by cocktail and prize draw - be in with a chance of winning a beautiful Longines watch!

Access to the Press Releases Page.

The "Raging Bull" Alive and Kicking at SPORTELAmerica

16 March 2015 - 2:40pm

Press Release: Jake LaMotta will attend SPORTEL on Tuesday 17th March at 5pm

From the rough and tumble beginnings of his youth, to his rise as a champion in the ring and a star on the silver screen, Jake LaMotta had to literally fight his way every step up from the poverty-stricken streets of the Bronx to become one of the world's most celebrated and influential figures in boxing history.

Access to the Press Releases Page

The TV Sports Markets SPORTEL Briefing now available to download

16 March 2015 - 11:30am

The SPORTEL Briefing provides a snapshot of the in-depth coverage of the industry that is available to TV Sports Markets subscribers and showcases our range of products and services.

In our main feature we analyse the increasing importance of top sports rights across the Americas. We also look at the growth in rights value of football properties in North America, pick out the Top 10 most valuable deals since Sportel Monaco 2014 and investigate the top television audiences for sports in the US.

Also included are four full TV Sports Markets newsletter stories, and a selection of our many Q&As with senior industry figures.

↓ Download the SPORTEL Briefing

NFL's Growth Internationally

12 March 2015 - 10:40am

Press Release: Q&A Session about NFL and MP & Silva media rights partnership
Tuesday 17 March 2015, 11:00 - 11:45

The NFL and The Global Landscape: Join Mark Waller, Executive Vice President, International, NFL and Dan Cohen, SVP Americas, MP & Silva, in a discussion on the global business of American football, where the sport is going and what the opportunities and challenges are, during SPORTELAmerica.
NFL and MP & Silva have just announced a partnership where the international media agency will be the NFL's agent to distribute television and digital rights for the 2015 through 2019 NFL seasons to 42 European territories, helping expand the NFL's growing fan base in Europe and developing a new generation of American football fans globally.

Access to the Press Releases Page

Download the Eurodata TV Worldwide White Paper

10 March 2015 - 15:00pm

Find out some key figures, coming from the "2014 Yearly Sport - Key facts" an international overview of Sports on Television by Eurodata TV Worldwide.

Eurodata TV Worldwide is specialized in TV audience ratings research and market intelligence. We offer TV data as well as our expertise and insight into the performance of TV shows of more than 5 500 channels from all around the globe. Our information is provided directly by the research institutes which, like Médiamétrie in France (our mother company), measure daily television audience ratings.

Download the White Paper.

Play for Change becomes Charity Partner for SPORTELAmerica 2015

6 March 2015 - 10:00am

Today sees the announcement of a new partnership between Play for Change Charitable Trust (PFC) and SPORTELAmerica, the world sports content media convention due to be held in Miami in March 2015.
The charity joined forces with Sportel earlier this year to raise awareness of its mission [...]

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SPORTELAmerica Conference Programme

24 February 2015 - 6:15pm

SPORTELAmerica 2015 is almost there!
Find out all the details of the conference programme: Federation Equestre Internationale, La Liga, TV Sports Markets, and Sports Video Group.

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Get Inside the Industry with SportsPro

18 February 2015 - 4:00pm

Since 2008 SportsPro has been reporting on and analysing the multi-billion dollar juggernaut that is global sport. It is a sector which continues to expand in all sorts of different directions and impacted by all sorts of other areas of life - media and communications, technology and high-level government to name but three. SportsPro magazine covers all these areas, identifying trends and adding context to what is becoming an ever more cluttered and complex world. Every year we interview hundreds of people who work in and around sport, from presidents and chief executives to technical and operational experts. We cross continents and sports to deliver a best-in-field service to our global audience of readers.

The monthly magazine is complemented by our growing and acclaimed website,, which is the leading source for commercial sports deals, plus analysis and opinion, every day. SportsPro's reputation for in-depth analysis is also demonstrated by our Black Books - these major pieces of work, featuring statistics, key numbers and analysis, are published annually, zeroing in on the business of Formula One and the world of professional sailing. This year's Formula One Black Book will be our tenth, meanwhile, our Destinations Annual Report will examine the evolving dynamics of the host-event owner relationship, whilst our partnership with Soccerex will continue in 2015 with four more editions of SoccerexPro, our magazine dedicated to the business of soccer.

Last but by no means least, SportsPro delivered two major one day conferences in 2014, broadening the way we keep the industry as informed as possible on the trends of the day and those of tomorrow. Our flagship event, SportsPro Live 2014 in March debated the future of sport over the next decade while The Brand Conference in November shone a light on the use of sport as a tool for communication. Both will return in 2015.

Whether you're reading in print or online, or networking at one of our events, SportsPro gets you inside the industry in more ways than ever before, and we will continue to ensure that you are up-to-date and in-the-know throughout 2015.

For more information:

Advertorial provided by SportsPro Media

Official Guide Deadline

16 February 2015 - 10:00am

Only 24 hours left to the official Guide Deadline!

Should you desire to have your company, brand and executives be listed as part of the most important sports media and marketing directory, register now!
Guide Deadline is February 17, 2015.

Make sure you join them:

Start your registration

The Networking Tool is available

12 February 2015 - 2:00pm

Login to your Networking Tool Account and contact the attendees.
The Networking Tool helps you to connect with other registered participants, view attendees profiles, customize participant searches, directly contact these attendees to organise meetings, one month prior to and one month after the Convention.
Follow this link to sign in.

6 weeks to go until SPORTELAmerica

5 February 2015

SPORTELAmerica, to be held from 17 to 19 March 2015 at the JW Marriott Marquis Hotel in Miami, features top level executives representing broadcasters, TV networks, international Sports Federations, sports and marketing agencies, production companies, content distributors, rights owners, satellite providers, technology and new media providers. [..]

Find out:

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Discover the Provisional Programme

29 January 2015

The organization is happy to publish the Provisional Programme.

Please note that SPORTELAmerica 2015 will have new opening hours, to offer you more networking opportunities.
The Convention will start from 8:30am.

Discover the Programme

We invite you to take part in the official networking events, every day you will have the opportunity to connect and network with other attendees during the daily breakfast, the lunch buffet or the happy hour.

We wish you a Happy Networking!

  • Breakfast Event: From 8:30 to 9:30
  • Lunch Buffet: From 12:00 to 14:00
  • Meet n' Greet Party: From 18:30 to 20:30
  • Happy Hour: From 18:00 to 19:00 on Wednesday only

Check out the related newsletter.

SPORTELAmerica 2015 Key Dates

20 Januarry 2015

Please note the following important deadlines and key dates:

Registration Payments

As of January 26th 2015 any registrations or payments cannot be completed with bank transfer. Payment only with credit card.

Networking Tool Online

On February 12th 2015 the online Networking Tool will be opened and ready for you to connect with others and organise your business meetings.

Participants List Publication

On February 12th 2015 the first version of the participants shortlist will be available online in the networking tool.

Official Guide Listing

If you wish to be listed in the Official Guide please register before February 17th 2015. After this date all listings are included in the Supplement Guide.

Print Advertisement

All print advertisement designs for the Official Guide and the SPORTELNews magazine must be delivered by February 17th 2015.

MyStand Tech & Deco

Anything you may need for your stand, such as additional furniture or back wall printing must be ordered though the online "MyStand Catalog" by March 2nd 2015.

Check out the related newsletter.


20 January 2015

You are interested in the Convention & need more information.
Feel free to download the Brand New Brochure.


December 2014

SPORTEL is aware that you are being targeted via mailings by "worldwide exhibition directory services" that requests participants, in particular exhibitors, to complete and return a form, granting a free listing in their directories.

Beware: In fact, these confusing mailings constitute a contract to purchase advertising space!

Responding clients unintentionally find themselves threatened with legal actions if they do not pay €1,000 or more per year for this unwanted advertising.

We confirm having no business relation with Expo Guide, Fair Guide and CRPT (Central Register for Patents and Trademarks publications), and has not authorised them to use SPORTEL's name or logo.

SPORTEL in no way endorses the business practices of Expo Guide, Fair Guide or CRPT, and urges its community to use utmost caution in the event they are contacted by either of these companies.

As always, we remain available to provide you with any help that we can to support you through this transition.

Best regards,

The SPORTEL team


23 October 2014

Further we inform you of the "Play For Change" donation opportunity we have added to the registration system. As part of SPORTEL's partnership with MP & Silva, SPORTEL is committed to help the foundation to generate donations for their cause of helping children in need.

In the final stage of the registration process, you will have the opportunity to add a donation to your payment confirmation. This donation will be added to your invoice and further forwarded to the foundation "Play For Change".


December 2014

Join the companies already registered and get your stand space next to them:


Attend SPORTELAmerica 2015 to:

Build your American network with international decision makers.
Be a member of our exclusive community, its exhibition, official events and expert panels.
Become part of important sports media & marketing developments in the Americas.

MONACO MEDIAX / SPORTEL 2018 - Legal information - Credits
SPORTEL is a MONACO MEDIAX event that also holds IMAGINA Dental & Monte-Carlo Television Festival


SPORTEL Next Convention:

SPORTELMonaco 2019 Official Poster

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