How can I make a substitution?

• Login to the administrator’s MySPORTEL account.
• Click "Edit Registration" for the desired contract.
• Click next to step 2: "Participants".
• Uncheck the box for the participant that is no longer attending (red cross).
• Select one of your previously registered participants or create a new participant and click "Register this participant".
• Below fill in the details and create a new participant, then click "Register this participant".
• Continue to payment and click "Pay online" to finalize the contract.

Substitutions are free of charge until Tuesday 28 January 2020. After this date, a 250€ fee (VAT not included) will apply to all substitutions. Substitutions are permitted only between employees of the same company based in the same country.


• If this is your first time attending a SPORTEL Convention, then you will need to create a MySPORTEL account by entering your email and password under "Is this your first SPORTEL?"

• If you already have participated at a SPORTEL event:
Enter your login details if you are the administrator and click "New Registration".
Please contact our administration team if you want to check if you or your company have an existing MySPORTEL account.

• The Administrator:
Only one person can be administrator of the MySPORTEL account. This person will be our main contact for all administrative queries. This person will receive the registration confirmations and information related to the event such as the hotel booking. However, please note that confirmed participants will receive e-Badges on their email. The administrator does not necessarily have to attend SPORTEL.

• For International Federations:
Please contact our administration team in order to benefit of special Federation rates.