Sponsorship & Marketing opportunities

Sponsored Presentations, Keynotes and Panels

SPORTEL provides a number of high profile opportunities for you to take the stage: host a presentation, deliver a keynote or join an expert speaker panel.

Conference (3 March)
As a thought leader, join the debate and take advantage of the executive keynote and expert panel speaking slots available throughout the NEW conference day.

Convention (4-6 March)
Host your dedicated company presentation featuring the exclusive booking of the conference room for 30, 45 or 60 minutes including complete technical set up. Benefit from this unique platform to showcase your content.

All opportunities include your company listed as an official sponsor of SPORTEL and inclusion in the official programme schedule.

Contact our marketing team for more information about rates and scheduling.

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Digital Marketing Solutions

Website, Newsletter, Networking Tool, SPORTELApp banners and White Paper.

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Print Advertising

Advertise in the
Official Guide

The "Elite" directory of the international sports media & technology industry!

Advertise in the

This magazine (one issue) includes presentation of the conferences, highlights, celebrities ITV, introductions, trends and programme of the following days.

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